Janet Boseovski Elected to Jean Piaget Society Board

DUCK Lab Co-Director Dr. Janet Boseovski has been elected to the Board of Directors of the Jean Piaget Society (JPS), an international society of scholars interested in understanding the developmental emergence of human knowledge. The society honors the Swiss developmentalist Jean Piaget, who made major theoretical and empirical contributions to our understanding of the origins and evolution of knowledge. The goal of the society is to provide an open forum for the presentation and discussion of scholarly work on issues related to human knowledge and its development. The society further encourages the application of scholarly work to education and other domains.

Dr. Boseovski will serve a 3-year term beginning in June 2019. She will begin her term at the 49th annual meeting of JPS in Portland, Oregon, where many lab members will also have an opportunity to present their research. Congratulations to Dr. Boseovski for this appointment!