The kids always enjoy coming to campus and participating in the lab. As they say to me, ‘It’s like we’re doing science!’
— Gretchen Porter
I like how nice and friendly everyone is. The games are fun too!
— Fully Porter (Age 11)

Kids like it and experience new things; have fun and they like to do new things.
— Angelina Suleiman

My children love to come to the DUCK Lab. They think it’s fun to play games. Their favorite part is getting to pick something from the prize box after completing their visit. I am happy knowing that the research will help in understanding how children’s minds work.
— Heather Kostecki

My children enjoy their time helping in the DUCK Lab research. They think of it more as play time, and they enjoy being on a college campus (makes them feel like big kids).
— Rachel Jacobs

I like the games because they encourage my children to explore and interact. They also help because it reveals certain areas in our children’s development that we can work on.
— Jennifer Freeman

My children enjoy coming to the DUCK Lab for the prizes and snacks. They also enjoy the games and interacting with the staff. As a parent, I appreciate the staff’s hospitality and their genuine interaction with my children.
— Marquita Johnson

I like to come to the DUCK Lab because it’s fun!’ say my kids. They cheer whenever I tell them they have a DUCK appointment. They enjoy the games, snacks, and prizes; I like the fact they’re contributing to research and the flexibility associated with scheduling their visits.
— Liz Sedgwick