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My research program examines how children learn to control their behavior in challenging contexts, such as when they have to override a well-learned habit, or execute an action that runs counter to their natural inclinations or under conditions of stress. Although the majority of my research focuses on these developments during early childhood (2 to 6 years), the questions that guide my research program can be studied throughout the lifespan. Recent interests have steered my research program toward cognitive control in social contexts, such as how you override your tendency to lash out at someone and instead handle a potentially negative situation in a prosocial manner, or how your memory for your own characteristics and traits can get muddled with those of your close acquaintances. I also have secondary interests in computational modeling of cognitive processes, prospective memory (remembering that something needs to be done in the future), and the links between scientific and religious thinking. 

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Laboratory Information and Graduate Training Opportunities

Together with Dr. Janet Boseovski, I am Co-Director of the DUCK Lab (Development and Understanding of Children's Knowledge). We study several aspects of social and cognitive development in early to late childhood and we offer students the opportunity to pursue a wide variety of research topics and techniques in the field of developmental science.  

Currently, I am advising three graduate students and several undergraduate research assistants. I will not be recruiting new graduate students for the 2018/2019 year, but I am currently accepting qualified undergraduate students who wish to participate in PSY 433 (Directed Research in Psychology) or the Psychology Honors program.

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Fall 2017
FMS 170-05: Science can be fun? Difficult concepts made easy through the writings of Malcolm Gladwell
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